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Saturday, August 2, 2014

3 August 2014

Welcome back to Gospel Doctrine class.

Sunday's lesson is on influence.  Namely the influence of wicked leaders vs. the influence of righteous leaders.

So, do you think leaders have any influence of how you live your life?

You would be amazed.

We all go through life with blinders on, and we seek direction for which way we should go in our lives.  Where we live, what degree to get in college, which job to choose, there are a myriad of choices we must make in our lives, choices we sometimes depend on others to help us make.

Were the students in this class guiding this teacher to the right place?

What do you think would have happened in this video if some of the students were giving false information?   While others gave the correct information?  How do you know which voices to follow?

Here is the link for the lesson in the Teacher's Manual:

Lesson 27

Here are the listed points to emphasize:

1.  Gives Service

2.  Trusts and obeys the Lord

3.  Has faith in God

4.  Teaches from the scriptures

5.  Follows the prophets

An additional resource can be found in the July 2010 Ensign.